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How you can profit from CO.NET!

CO.NET MasterCard

You save every day.

The easiest way you can save money is by not spending it. This is exactly where CO.NET comes in. Due to our large numbers of members we achieve great conditions and saving advantages in our cooperation with our retail partners. Whether you now shop from our many thousands of on site partners or online partners throughout Germany – you will always gain. And all that completely without any bonus points, because due to our customer oriented discount and repayment model you will save real money. And what you save, you can perhaps invest in further CO.NET shares?

You will use a safe, transparent and high yield investment.

In fast-moving times, characterised by fast changes, international crises and uncertain financial markets, a return to enduring values is important. This also applies, of course, to financial security. Many investments today prove to be less than high yield or financial products are confusing and difficult to understand. As a customer, you often don’t know what exactly is happening with your money and unfortunately the returns are also often worse than planned. Cooperative shares in CO.NET are a good alternative to investing in common financial products. The CO.NET principles ensure optimal transparency and unmatched safety. This is guaranteed not least by our innovative insurance cover for the cooperative capital.

You have the say. Co-determination and availability.

Your voice counts. The members form the cooperative and decide how to use the deposits. Thus you have more control over what happens to your money than at many other investment models. And you also decide the amount of your investment. You can spontaneously increase your amount of shares at any time or also set up a monthly savings plan. We are happy when things are going well for you. Of course, there will be situations when you have to draw on your reserves due to special circumstances. Here too we will stand by you. After all, our motto is – Together we are strong!

Are you interested?

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Becoming a member

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